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Keeping your clients happy as well as loyal is crucial to growing your business.


Reputation Management


You’ve worked hard on all aspects of your business and then a bad Yelp or Google review comes in and messes things up, right?  Or almost as bad, nobody reviews your business and you’re at the bottom of the heap.


LOOP is effective in managing your Social Reputation.  First, with LOOP you can get out in front of an upset customer by addressing their concerns before they go viral.  Second, LOOP can be configured to encourage your customers to give Yelp or Google or Facebook or whatever reviews.  The more positive reviews you get, the less the impact of bad reviews.  Third, by having a culture of “Meaningful Dialogues” and “Honest and Candid Feedback”, your Customers are more likely to actually talk to you as opposed to ranting about you.


More raves; less rants

Case Management On-The-Fly


We’ve all experienced a Customer who before, during or after a service isn’t happy or seems agitated or anxious or frustrated.  The worst is the dreaded “FINE” when asked at check out about their experience.


LOOP has developed a feature that allows a Team member to make a quick notation within LOOP that something isn’t right.  That message goes directly to the manager or owner and an innocuous e-mail is sent to that Customer:  “Dear Mrs. Jones - Thank you for coming in - I am the owner/manager – please feel free to contact me anytime with comments or suggestions.”


It’s called “nipping problems in the bud” and it works.  And it is all automated within LOOP.  No more forgetting, no more letting things fall through the cracks.


And the flip side works as well. If a customer leaves and seriously happy, start a case and broadcast your success!

See Something, Say Something


Referrals Done the LOOP Way


How many times have you been asked “How likely are you to refer our business to a friend?”  A million, right?


With LOOP, we have figured out a really smart way to ask for referrals from your bigger promoters and to track those referrals automatically within LOOP.  That means your marketing plan just went from broad based, indirect “spray and pray” to laser focused and directed “search and acquire”.   Also – and this is remarkably powerful - your Team members can thank a Customer for their referral, which draws your Customer closer to your business.


Using Relationships to Grow Your Business.



Be Smart About Reviews

With LOOP, you are going to get a lot of reviews from Customers.  How many?  Last year, Asanda Spa received almost 15,000 Customer reviews.  So what are you going to do with the ones you get?


Great reviews are an opportunity for reinforcing great Team behavior.  Since everything with LOOP is automated, your Team sees their reviews in real time.  A couple of pats on the back by Customers can go a long way!


Not-so-great reviews need to be addressed.  Using the fully integrated LOOP Case Management System, you can reach out to Customers who aren’t happy and also use those reviews as “teaching moments”.


Show your best side - Promote, Promote, Promote!


Of course LOOP will be able to post your great reviews to your website.  If you want to turn up the volume on your reviews AND promote your Team, have LOOP send your reviews to your Team Member’s bio page.


Your Customer’s reviews come alive when connected with the Team member.  And your Team members are motivated to encourage Customer Reviews.


Amping the engagement of both your Customers and your Team is simply smart business!



Drive Positive Reviews to Social Media Sites


Are you falling behind in your Yelp ratings compared to your competition?


How are you doing on the Google Map rankings for your business??


Our LOOP team are experts in developing strategies for maximizing your social media presence.