Your Customers


Your team

LOOP will help you answer these important questions in managing and

growing your business:

What are my Customers thinking about my business and their experience?


How do I motivate, inspire and interact with my Team in a way that is compelling and relevant to their professional growth?


How can I maximize the benefits from having connected Customers and a fully engaged Team?

The most successful businesses recognize that conversations with Customers and Team members are continuous; they have a deep-seated commitment to improvement and know that innovation is essential; and that all – You, Customers and Team members – thrive in a vibrant, supportive community.

HOW?  Customers

We Start Conversations and Help You Manage Action

After every customer visit, we send out a simple feedback request “How did we do?” with a place for comments.


To set the stage, you want your entire Team to be obsessed with having “Meaningful Dialogues” with your Customers, and for your Customers to be brutally honest with you.  It’s what we all want, right?  Honest and Candid??


It’s not enough to just ask for feedback from a Customer; your Company has to have a culture dedicated to doing something with it.  With LOOP, the response from a Customers is valuable “Actionable Intelligence”; information about what just happened in your business whether positive or negative.


Every negative review received automatically creates a Case within LOOP that is a call to action.  When you act on the advice your Customers give you, it sends a message to your Team that you are listening to your Customers and that what the Customer thinks is important.  You thank the Customer – automatically, of course – for their comments.  All of this creates a deeper sense of community surrounding your business.


Every positive review is an opportunity for a quick and very effective pat on the back to your Team as well as reinforcing positive behaviors.


LOOP’s automated Case Module is augmented by a highly flexible Case-on-the-Fly feature that helps you to manage many other Customer interactions that never get to you in the form of reviews.  Don’t wait for a review – reach out and wrap your digital arms around your customers.  All automated and totally tracked within LOOP.



Developing Your Team For Lasting Success

Staff turnover is the bane of most consumer-facing businesses.  Possibly worse is a disengaged Team member who doesn’t actually quit and leave, but rather “quits and stays".


Why do people leave?  Why do they disengage?  Because they aren’t appreciated.  They aren’t valued as the committed professionals that they see themselves as.  Where they are working – your business - isn’t COMPELLING or relevant to them.


And it’s not because of a being hourly or commissioned or hybrid in compensation.  IF that were the case, then how do you explain the success of Nordstrom (commission) and Starbucks (hourly) where they each compete for the same people?


LOOP is oriented towards helping professionals develop. It starts with self-awareness that comes from being in the flow of the daily feedback from people they actually trust the most: their Customers.  It puts you in a better position to help them develop their performance skills, develop their interpersonal skills and develop a following of Customer fans. That makes your business a compelling place to work!


You will know you are on the right course when your Team members are asking for Honest and Candid Feedback from their Customers and seeking coaching and support from you because they know it will make them better.


HOW?  YOUR Company

Reviews, feedback, referrals  - All automated!

Using our honed and focused feedback techniques, the “On-The-Fly, See Something, Say Something” feature and our innovative Ambassador program, you will create a culture that values knowing what the customer thinks, using what the customer thinks to manage employees and developing a deep bond between your business, customers and team.


It’s hard managing a Team of thoroughbreds, isn’t it?  Let LOOP be the best tool you’ll ever pick up in molding your Team based not on what you think or feel but what your customers are telling you.


And what’s more difficult than managing your Team?  Growing your top line.  LOOP’s Ambassador program was developed within a very busy salon environment to ask the customers who have already given positive reviews for referrals to their friends.  And it’s all automated and part of LOOP!


The Secret of the Trifinity LOOP

Our Founders have over 80 years in business in a wide variety of industries that include Fortune 500 companies.  They are quite accomplished at parsing what works and what doesn’t.  So use our expertise and stack the deck in your favor.


The most successful businesses recognize that conversations with customers and employees are continuous; they have a deep-seated commitment to improvement and know that innovation is essential; and that You, Your customers, and Your Team all thrive in a vibrant, supportive community.


Listen to your customers and Ask them for advice and referrals - Promote your business AND your employees - Emphasize the good, remediate the rest.